2020 - Present

2020 Award Granted by The International Questers P&R Fund

  • Stoney Creek #203 received $2,000 for acquisition of Fabric and reupholster of settee.

2021 Awards Granted by The Michigan Questers P&R Fund

  • Sauk Trail #573, after raising $1538.00, received a $2000.00 state grant to restore couches in the Greenmead Historic Village’s Hill House and Shaw House.
  • Pettibone Creek #777 raised $1200 via silent auctions then received a state grant of $2800 to restore the front entrance of the 98-year-old Haven Hill House in the Highland State Recreation Area.
  • Stoney Creek #203 raised $327.45 and was awarded a state grant of $600 to have four silk tassels made for ballroom lights in Meadowbrook Hall.

RochesterHillsMuseum2022 Awards Granted by the International Questers P&R Fund

  • Romeo Indian Village #1196, received $3500 to restore the front porch at Romeo Historical Museum, constructed c. 1868.
  • Sarah Van Hoosen Jones #259, received $3544 to restore a 100-year-old bas-relief hospitality plaque at the Rochester Hills Museum.
  • Stoney Creek #203, received $1333 to restore five Chinese porcelain bowls and one Jade teacup, all of which are in pieces. These items were displayed in a cabinet in the Meadowbrook Hall breakfast room and were crushed when the shelf above them broke.

2023 Awards Granted by The Michigan Questers P&R Fund

To be announced in October at Fall State Days 2023.